Design Development

We are always happy to advise on overall layout, materials, finishes and interfaces between the metalwork and other elements of your build, if you want to ensure that there are no unforeseen issues further down the line. We will alway work to find the most suitable way to realise your design or vision, rather than giving you a limited number of options.

If you have a design that you are looking to achieve then we can advise on the practical ways this can be achieved so that you can weigh up any relevant cost and design implications to arrive at the final specifications for the work. If you are still developing the design then we always appreciate some details on the layout of the work and a starting point for the design in the form of a sketch or images of work you like. We can then help you develop the design to the point where we can move on to practicalities.

Quotation and Survey

Once the design has been agreed in detail we will issue a formal quotation. If you are still at an early stage of your build we offer the option to book time in our production schedule for a nominal 10% booking deposit.

On bespoke items and finishes we will often supply samples for approval.
Our surveys are conducted with the use of digital survey equipment, enabling us to create a 3D point cloud of the relevant surfaces. Where possible we prefer to do this off finished surfaces.
This survey is then developed so that we can build any setting out jigs required for the work. If any aspects need detailed design decisions then we will develop the drawing further to give you 3D renderings to help you visualise the detail and the options in question.

Manufacture Progress

The metalwork manufacture and finishing will be entirely off-site. Given that progress with most other trades is more visible we can supply images of the work in progress and you are very welcome to visit our workshop to inspect it during the build. Installation time depends on the size of the project but can mostly be done inside of a week. If the work includes metal handrails then these will come fully finished along with the work. Timber handrail survey, installation and finishing will commence after the metalwork install.